3d Print your Lego Inspired Character

3d Print your Lego Inspired Character

Have you always wanted to Print your own Lego Inspired Character?

I know all of us may have had this thought once or twice. Well, now you can thanks to the work of user papajohnfuller from Thingiverse and his creation.

About this Download

The files are on a scale 1:5, in other words, the .stl files are five times larger than the original lego man figure parts.

So if you want to print a lego man figure to scale you will need to shrink it down five times smaller.

The parts should fit together nicely, if they don’t I we recommend you find a heat gun to help in the assembly of the leg man figure.

CADD tutorial videos on how papajohnfuller  designed the Lego Man Figure can be found below.


Download From thingiverse

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