3 Lego Animals your Kids Will Love

3 Lego Animals your Kids Will Love

Lets face It who does not like sitting down and building something with some lego, however every child gets to the point where the magic starts to fade from that old lego set and the desire to build something new is born.

We look no further here are three lego animals we guarantee your children will be able to build using the parts left over from the sets it your toy box.

Did you enjoy making these let us know in the comments section below.

1. The Seahorse

This majestic creature will look great in your next underwater setting and is simple to build.

2. The Lion

Your child will be replying there favourite moments from the Lion King with the Lion Lego Model.

3. The Giraffe

If your a wiggles fan music just started playing in your head regarding this long necked create and your logo will look great too.

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