LEGO Inspired 3D Printed Apollo Space Helmet Craft

LEGO Inspired 3D Printed Apollo Space Helmet Craft

Back in the day when lego fans got the latest newly released Lego Apollo 11 Lunar Lander kit it received praise from fans.

However, there was one detail many people got annoyed with was that the spacesuits of the Minifigures didn’t look much like the Apollo suits.

This has lead to some fantastic Lego Inspired 3d printed models to be created that are more true to the apollo suit.

The most impressive of these was created by user Grandelius on thingiverse

Print Settings

  • Printer Brand: FlashForge
  • Printer: Finder
  • Rafts: No
  • Supports: Yes
  • Resolution:0.08
  • Infill:15%
  • Filament Brand:Add: north
  • Filament colour: White
  • Filament material: TexturaPost-Printing

Some sanding and printed the visor gold. The visor could of course be printed in gold coloured filament but I didn’t have any and didn’t want to buy a roll just for this tiny part.


You can download the files from thingiverse below.

Download here from thingiverse

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