Halloween Craft – Free Papercraft Haunted House

Halloween Craft – Free Papercraft Haunted House

Are you looking for something fun to do with the kids over the Halloween period well check out this guest post from our friends at boooored.com showing off this incredible print and play haunted house that will be the perfect Halloween themed game guaranteed to keep the kids busy for days as they build this giant project.

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Have you been spending your Friday afternoon looking for something to do this weekend and find constructing papercraft models fun or just really keen to test our that new printer in the office?

Well, you are in luck!

The fan website The Disney Experience has rereleased a papercraft board game originally released as the Disney Experience’s downloadable Halloween treat as part of the 2008 Doorless Chambers event.

This game appropriately called Escape From Haunted Mansion, and this entire 3D papercraft boardgame is free to download and available from their website.

What you need to build this thing

All you need besides a lot of patience to complete this mammoth of a task is a knife, some glue, 300gsm cardstock, a colour printer, 59 sheets of paper.

You will also need the ability to make sense of the 16 pages of detailed instructions and about 48 hours to put the whole thing together.

There’s also an optional (let’s be honest it’s not if you are going to do this you should go all out) Haunted Mansion-themed dice tower you can print and assemble, should you have nothing but time for papercraft in your life and don’t mind skipping showering this weekend.

So What do you get

The game comes with a printable game board, five playing pieces, “Fortune Cards” that could reward or penalize a player via a chance of draw, a clock, and even a pair of paper dice.

However paper dice kind of suck so you might want to make your own with some wooden cubes.

The objective of “Escape From Haunted Mansion” is simple: roll the dice, advance toward the finish, maybe a draw a fortune card, run away from Madame Leota, and try to beat the clock before you and everyone you know dies loses and are stuck forever in The Haunted Mansion as a happy haunt.

This game is huge, so if you plan on tackling this project. Be advised that this game does NOT fold up or disassemble for easy storage! It’s very big, and it takes up a good portion of space.

No doubt that once it’s built, Disney nerds will experience pure ecstasy over the attention to detail—everything’s there, from the hitchhiking ghosts to the floating crystal ball to the infamous stretch room.

Download all the games Files Here

A Note from the Designer/Creator/Artist

“Greetings, Haunted Mansion and board game geeks! This game was originally released as the Disney Experience’s downloadable Halloween treat as part of the 2008 Doorless Chambers event. The event only lasted seven days, but I had every intention of re-releasing the game files in 2009. The game became so popular, though, that I had to re-release it early and in chunks (due to bandwidth limits).

“Please note that this is NOT an official Disney game, but it IS Disney-approved. I am the sole designer, creator, publisher, and distributor. Please do not re-distribute the files; only I have distribution rights, and I do have to report violators to Disney (it’s in my contract). Other than that, enjoy the free game!”

-Robert Nava (A.K.A. Trader Sam)
Webmaster, The Disney Experience

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