Video Game Plumber Themed Dice Game Printable

Video Game Plumber Themed Dice Game Printable

If your children love video games they will love this printable inspired by a certain plumber that is iconic in the video game world

He first took on the role as a plumber in his second appearance since a lot of the game that he was featured in is played in underground settings.

So grab 5 D6 Dice and give this Unique little printable a shot we are sure your kids will love it.

How to Play

Each round Roll 5 Dice to move past the obstacles in the level.

The player that does it in the Shortest amount of rolls wins the game.

Each one of the Different obstacles will take a certain value of the dice to progress pass.

Bricks require a 2 or higher to move past.

Blocks Require a 3 or higher

Mystery boxes need a 5 or 6

Once you have moved past an obstacle cross it off using your pen to keep track.

Players will also need to remember to also keep track of there dice rolls for there score at the end of the game. 

What you will need to play

You will need to print the free printable below on an A4 Sheet of paper.

You will also need 5 D6 (Standard Dice) These are the same dice that you would find in a copy of monopoly.

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