HMKAB Movement Based Game for Kids

HMKAB Movement Based Game for Kids

Why Movement is Important

Movement is very important for developing kids with research showing that encouraging free movement can give children space to develop self-awareness, learn non-verbal ways of communicating and to get to know themselves and their body. 

Children learn their range of motion, balance, muscle strength, coordination, and endurance all from movement-based activities. 

Because of this, we have spent the time to develop a very cool set of movement cards that we like to call Mimix.

What is The HMKAB – Children’s Movement Game

The HMKAB – Children’s Movement Game is a movement-based mimicry game for preschool and primary school-aged kids designed to teach them about movement, mimicry in a card game format. 

Each round a child or teacher selects 2 cards from the deck and chooses one of them as the winning card the players then move to the left or right selecting the card they believe has been chosen and completing its action. 

Those who have selected wrong are then eliminated and become the card selectors for the following rounds until there is only one person left standing. 

Any players that do not complete the movements are also automatically eliminated. 

Note: when there are only two people left the first to select get the choice while the other player is left with the other result by default

The Cards in this Download

The game contains the following 12 action cards. 

The Scarecrow 

  • Stand still on one leg like a scarecrow 

The Zombie 

  • Walk slowly around the room with your hands directly in front of you like a zombie 

The Disco King 

  • Point your finger diagonally to the floor then raise it towards the sky repeat this action 

The Crab 

  • Create two claws with your hands then move your legs into a squat like position and walk sidewards 

The Kangaroo 

  • Hop up and down with your hands in front of you 

The Ballerina 

  • Stand on your tippy-toes and spin around in a circle slowly 

The Yoga Instructor 

  • Sit down with your legs crossed and fingers in the air with your thumb and finger creating a circle shape 

The Soldier 

  • Stand up straight and give the other team a salute 

The Penguin 

  • Waddle around with your arms by your side and your hands facing outwards 

The Lion 

  • Get on your hands and knees and roar at the other team

The Jogger

  • Run-on the spot at a jogging pace making sure to wipe the sweat from your head every few seconds

The Pilot 

  • Raise both of your arms up in line with your shoulders and pretend to be a plane flying in the sky. 

How to Get your Copy

You can download your own copy of The HMKAB – Children’s Movement Game for free to use with your classroom by clicking the link below.  We also recommend using a corner rounder to make the cards look professional it’s only a few dollars and you can get one from amazon here

We recommend using card stock to print the cards to make them more durable and if you have the option laminating them will also help them last. 

You can also purchase a copy if you don’t want to print the cards yourself using the link below. 

Link Coming Soon

Our HMKAB – Children’s Movement Game cards are free for you to use in your educational setting we only ask that you support us by not sharing the files around but instead sending others to our website to get there own copies. 

You can also use them for any other games that you can think of and if you come up with a cool concept or game for them please don’t keep it to yourself come and share it using the comments section of this page. 

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