HMKAB – Guess the Animal Pre/Primary School Kids Card Game

HMKAB – Guess the Animal Pre/Primary School Kids Card Game

Your Pre School or primary school kids will love these free Animal themed printable guessing cards. Available free for personal and educational use here at 

Playing this guess the animal game in your classroom, kindy daycare or homeschool classroom will get the children in your care to use there. imagination and thinking skills.

How Do Problem-Solving Skills develop in Early Childhood

Joan Britz Describes this process as developed by exploring social relationships, manipulating objects, and interacting with people, children are able to formulate ideas, try these ideas out, and accept or reject what they learn. Constructing knowledge by making mistakes is part of the natural process of problem-solving. – Source

So why make An Animal Guessing Game

This game is a perfect way for kids to formulate ideas and at them out while manipulating the surroundings to articulate the idea to other children.

That’s why we also recommend getting a child to stand up the front and move like the animal they are pretending to be while the other children guess helping this game can be good exercise too.

How to Play the HMKAB Animal Guessing Game

There are lots of ways you can use these free resources cards to play guess the animal but here is an example of one way you can play this game. 

How to play guess the animal

Step One: Ask a child to choose an animal card from the deck.

Step Two: Ask the child to think about the way the animal moves and how they can pretend to be that animal so the other children will be able to guess it.

Step three: Encourage the child to move like the animal he has chosen.

Step four: encourage the children to one at a time try and guess what the animal is.

If you find the children get stuck get them to Ask the child questions to help them guess. For example, What noise does it make? Or what does this animal eat?

If the child doesn’t know to feel free to casually let all the kids know the answer. 

Animals Included in this Download

Version One of this Downalod has 8 Animals included with future Cards planned to be released.

  • Penguin
  • Donkey
  • Elephant
  • Lion
  • Flamingo
  • Fish
  • Cow
  • Toucan

How to Get your Copy

You can download your own copy of The HMKAB – Animal Guessing Game for free to use with your classroom by clicking the link below. 

We also recommend using a corner rounder to make the cards look professional it’s only a few dollars and you can get one from amazon here

We recommend using card stock to print the cards to make them more durable and if you have the option laminating them will also help them last. 

You can also purchase a copy if you don’t want to print the cards yourself using the link below. 

Link Coming Soon

Our HMKAB – Animal Guessing Game cards are free for you to use in your educational setting we only ask that you support us by not sharing the files around but instead sending others to our website to get there own copies. 

You can also use them for any other games that you can think of and if you come up with a cool concept or game for them please don’t keep it to yourself come and share it using the comments section of this page. 

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