Great Alternative Ways to use UNO Cards

Great Alternative Ways to use UNO Cards

Basic Uno Card Games.

For little ones who are just starting to learn the names of colours, sitting and turning over uno cards and naming the colour you see is a simple and fun beginners activity. This is great to teach them the basics while providing a great activity that they are bound to enjoy.

You can also do the same thing for preschoolers who are learning to identify numbers. To make it a bit trickier for older preschoolers turn over two cards, place them side by side and get them to say what number both of them add them both together. For example : a two card and a three card make 5. This is a great little addition game.

Or play the speed number recognition game – turn over a card and the first person to say what number it is correctly keep the card. The person with the most cards at the end wins!

Uno cards are also great for simple sorting activities. Sort cards into piles of colours, or sets of numbers or both. Or make simple patterns for your child to continue – red 1, yellow 2, red 2, red 1, yellow 2, red 2, what comes next?

More Difficult Card Games

Flip Ten is kind of like Memory but involving maths skills. We played last holidays and it’s quite challenging, especially if you have terrible maths skills like I do!

War! You can play this game with Uno cards just like you do with regular cards. You can make it more interesting by leaving in the non-number cards and making up your own rules about them, or by turning over two cards at once and having to add them together or even multiply them to see who has the higher number.

So… have you got a pack of Uno cards sitting in the cupboard? What great games can you play with Uno cards?

If you haven’t got a pack of Uno cards, definitely put them on the list for birthdays and Christmas!

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