Giant Jenga – by Lovely Indeed

Giant Jenga – by Lovely Indeed

Its no secret that we are HMKAB Love Board Game’s with our founder being an avid Board Gamer we felt like we needed to share this brilliant idea from Chelsea at Lovely Indeed

Chelsea has created this fantastic DIY Jenga Set just using a simple coat of paint on the ends of the Pieces – Check Out Her Full Article Here

We are absolutely inspired by this idea and have created a set of our own and hope you will too, we have also done the same thing to a set of Giant Jenga. You can currently get these for cheap from Kmart ($60AUD) so make sure you check them out for a great simple party game for the kids during your next picnic or BBQ.

And in the meantime make sure you check out lovely Indeed for other great ideas and craft hacks we think they are great.

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