Starwars Day -Nerf Gun Game

Starwars Day -Nerf Gun Game
Star Wars Nerf Gun Game
Star Wars

Happy International Star Wars Day!

To Celebrate Star Wars Day Check out this Fantastic Game

If you hang around printrest you will find this game come up a lot it feels like its been done to death but here are a few changes we made to the classic game in a OSHC (Outside of School Hours Care) just to make it more friendly for a larger group of kids.

For those that have not seen this craft the theory is quite simple,


Step 1: Kids Paint / or Colour the Toilet roles sticking cut our circles of stormtroopers faces on them.

Step 2: Grab a nerf gun and shoot them

Step 3: Try to find all the lost Nerf Gun Bullets

While this activity works great if you have 4 – 5 kids to look after it does not scale for a larger group however here are a few things we did going off this same formula.

Changes we Made

Change 1: We split the kids into teams, each team had to work on designing as many stormtroopers for there army as they could all of them had to be fully coloured in and all of the needed faces and they had 2 hours to do it.

This created a really assembly line and kids got really into it just make sure they have plenty of supplies for the activity otherwise the great pen wars of (insert date here) will happen.

Change 2. they had 5 min to shoot down as many as they could lining up to take there shoots and 5 (single shot, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) nerf guns for each team and the team with the most stormtroopers was declared the winner we played multiple rounds of this however and ended up scoring each stormtrooper shot as 1 point we think this worked better but its up to you, Play your audience.

We hope you liked our version on this classic pintrest game we where able to cover 3 hours for 35 kids and reinforced a lot of learning outcomes regarding teamwork during this session.

Have you made changes to this game that worked well let us know in the comments below.

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