Penguin themed activity sheets for Primary School Age Kids

Penguin themed activity sheets for Primary School Age Kids

Have you been looking for something fun to do with your Primary School-Aged Child? Do you run a school holiday program or are you a homeschool parent? Well, check out these penguin-themed activity sheets.

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10 Fun Facts about Penguins

These are great facts to use in your classroom and some of them will surprise you.

Penguins are flightless birds.

While other birds have wings for flying, penguins have adapted flippers to help them swim in the water.

No penguins live at the North Pole.

Large penguin populations can be found in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Argentina and South Africa.

The Emperor Penguin is the tallest of all penguin species, reaching as tall as 120 cm (47 in) in height.

Most penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere.

Penguins eat a range of fish and other sea life that they catch underwater.

The Galapagos Penguin is the only penguin species that ventures north of the equator in the wild.

Penguins can drink seawater.

Penguins spend around half their time in water and the other half on land.

Emperor Penguins can stay underwater for around 20 minutes at a time.

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