Paddle Pop Plane Craft your Kids will love

Paddle Pop Plane Craft your Kids will love

There is nothing like a simple craft to keep your kids engaged and this craft is perfect for that these simple yet fantastic looking planes will be the highlight of your kids day.


  • Wooden Craft Bead
  • 2 Large Paddle Pop (Craft) Sticks
  • 4 Regular Sized Paddle Pop (Craft) Sticks
  • One Clothes Peg
  • Elmers Glue Or Craft Glue
  • Paint
  • Stickers or Markers/Pens for decoration and Details


Step 1: Paint and Decorate all Pegs and Paddle Pop Sticks (it is easiest if you decorate everything before assembling the plane, this will also stop the paint from running during the gluing process)

Step 2: Attach the large Paddle Pop Sticks to the top and bottom of the peg in a wing like fashion to create the wings.

Step 3: Attach two small paddle pop sticks to the end of the peg to create the tail of the plane.

Step 4: Attach the last two paddle pop sticks to the front of the peg in an X like shape completing it by placing the craft in the centre of the X to create the propeller.


And thats it you now have a wooden plane try extending the craft by creating a wooden airport or hanger for your newly created planes or talking about the roles in the airport with the kids

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