Free Printable Color/Colour Worksheet




Free Printable Color Worksheet Available in Both US English & British English, Help your kids understand what colours/color to use together in there art creations and how to mix colours/color together to create something new.

This worksheet is Recommended for ages 10+

What is Color Theory?

Colour theory is a term used to describe the collection of rules and guidelines regarding the use of colour in art and design this worksheet aims to help kids explore this concept as they design and create artwork.

Colour Theory has developed since the early days of its conception but is a great tool for any photographer, artist or graphic designer to understand.

Colour theory informs the design of colour schemes, aiming at aesthetic appeal and the effective communication of a design message on both the visual level and the psychological level.

It is a core skill for those looking to take their artistic skills to the next level and is a great concept to introduce early to children looking to develop in the artistic fields.



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